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Louisiana Office - Volunteer Project Monitor 

Coastal NC to TX

100-500 effected individuals/homes

  • Monitor/post via social media (i.e. Face Book, Twitter, and our website)

500 -1000 or more effected individuals/homes

  • Monitor/post via social media. Engage in partnership to receive and distribute bulk donations, work with partners in order to address gaps in service or unmet needs.

National Level
1,000 or more effected individuals/homes

  • Monitor/post via social media weekly to bi-weekly. Partner with national agencies to address gaps in service or unmet needs.

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Unity in Louisiana: (30 day update since August 19, 2016) We have helped with food and supplies for over 934 families at the five POD’s (Point of distribution) we set up in four Louisiana Parishes, distributed over 300,000 lbs of donated food to the five PODs, 150,000 lbs of food donated to the Unity in Louisiana Coalition, 

Unity in Houston, Texas: a collaboration of houses of worship, relief agencies and volunteers who operate points of distribution (POD), feeding operations and muck-outs after major flooding on April 18, 2016. Providing 500 clean-up buckets at this house of worship.

For each state listed above we exchange information and provide updates as well as links to other related agencies for quick viewing of their information and news releases. 

Residents in FL, GA, SC & NC watch @weatherchannel live stream anywhere

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unexpected happens

Health & Human Services activated 24 hour Disaster Distress Helpline 800-985-5990  

Our mission is to expedite response and recovery time for services and supplies after a disaster for affected communities.

​​As a 501(c)3 we partner with organizations and agencies to address unmet needs after a disaster.   

​Our primary goal is to streamline efforts and information for communities by sharing valuable and informative details of every major disaster relief activity and participating collaborations around the globe.


Georgia's National Preparedness Month Proclamation Month with Governor Nathan Deal.  Many of the public safety state offices and departments from GEMA-Homeland Security and Joe Gilliom of Unity in Disasters, Inc were in attendance.  8-14-13. 

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Louisiana Flood Relief Efforts (Aug) -Volunteer teams needed

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Unity provided tractor trailer load: 14 pallets of rebuilding supplies for home repair in Garland, Tx. Over 700 homes sustained major damage from the tornado that took place December 27, 2015

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and community.

support when the 

Combing different parts of various groups to help piece the lives of others back together again.

Flood Relief Efforts:  PODS and Partnerships map

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