• Relief Kits Community Project

Unity in Disasters invites you to participate in a county disaster readiness project. In preparation for Hurricane Season, we are getting ready!!

- Select which preparedness kit your group wants to assemble. (Basic emergency supply kits)

- Select the items for each kit

- Once project is complete, you can store, or Unity in Disasters will store in our warehouse

- Your agency will be named on website and the kits listed as resource inventory. 

- Goal = 50 or 100 kits per group

  • Volunteer Project Monitor

Unity in Disasters is looking to start local chapters in Georgia, South Carolina and Houston, TX for the sole purpose of relief efforts from the recent disasters. We have two options as how to structure a local office. One would be to have a volunteer Unity state liaison/state representative, or begin a local chapter. As a 501c3, the local group would have the reputation of a national relief agency to include support of our national partnerships and local stakeholders. In addition, participation in the local LTRC (long term recovery committee) and other agencies allows for quicker solutions and information to address unmet needs.

Any funds or resources acquired will remain in the local community and monthly inventory as well as record keeping must be completed and sent to Unity in Disasters Board of Directors monthly.


  • Child Care Facility Disaster Assessment Service

Our primary mission is disaster relief, combined with community education. This requires us to balance relief efforts and outreach efforts while addressing gaps in service. Currently, we are providing outreach services in Disaster Planning, which is slightly different from Emergency Planning. This service will be tailored to each facility based on P.I.E (Place, Immediate Site & Environment) and we will write out your Disaster Plan. This service also will include crisis mapping overlay tool for parents, staff and emergency management. Contact us 
and see how you can support your community with this simple outreach project.


Unity in Disasters, Inc.

P.O. Box 922042
Norcross, GA 30010

Phone:  770.819.0662

Fax:  770.948.5402

Does this work sound interesting? 

Do you have expertise, passion, or interest that will help us meet our goals?

We are recruiting for our Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, and Donor Lists.  

Please submit your resume or a letter of interest.

Virtual Volunteer/Cyber Service: Unity in Disasters has grown faster than the outlined 30-year plan we created over six years ago. As an organization that looks to creative methods, Virtual Volunteers gives us that new path. This type of vision reduces the operational cost which makes economic sense. We hope that other non-profit agencies will see this as an opportunity to work with us in a sharing resource partnership. This allows any business, community, or individual to support a concept, cause, and vision that they feel is needed outside of the normal volunteer boundaries. 

  • Administrative Support

  • Project Coordinator

  • Grant Writer

Unity in Disasters is an organization created to serve as a communication liaison during a crisis.  The purpose of this organization is to help foster communications between those in need and the services that can meet those needs. During times of crisis, confusion and chaos often occur.  In addition to information outreach and communication to the public, Unity in Disasters also strives to keep all organizations that can help or are helping, working together to remain effective. The outreach program can also assist by noting the needs of the community and working to fill that need by propositioning specialized organizations or other community leaders that may be willing and able to help.

Just like many non-profit organizations, Unity in Disasters relies upon the generosity of others to remain effective and to accomplish its goals. While monetary donations are always welcome, this organization can also benefit from volunteer services by the right people. Although every project has different needs, there are some general needs that can always be helpful.

Administrative Support - This volunteer opportunity would be in the form of a virtual volunteer. Administrative volunteers can be helpful by corresponding with other organizations through email.

Project Coordinator - This volunteer would be located in the Atlanta area to assist in organization and communication of various community projects. In addition to Atlanta, one liaison is needed as a point of contact in the following states: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Multiple project coordinators can be employed, if necessary.  While no office hours are required to effectively perform this job, occasional production meetings during a project may be necessary to keeping all parties clear on objectives. The volunteer selected for this very important task would need to possess strong communication and organizational skills.  Basic computer familiarity would also be helpful.  For more information on this volunteer opportunity click here.

Grant Researcher/Writer - This volunteer opportunity would be in the form of a virtual volunteer. Experienced grant writers can search and apply for government grants that will enable Unity in Disasters to further help the community. Volunteers can also be of assistance by soliciting donation requests online, or by phone. Fundraising opportunities may also be a provocative avenue for gaining additional financial resources. The volunteer selected for this very important task would need to possess strong communication and organizational skills. Basic computer familiarity, along with Microsoft Windows and the ability to open PDF files would also be helpful.  For more information on this volunteer opportunity click here.

Partnerships: This method of working together has produced some of the most innovative projects and solutions that were in desperate need.  There are general partnership agreements using Memorandum of Agreement, Memo of Understanding, or Mutual Aid Agreements.  These are some of the most important tools that can help bring organizations together for a common good.     

Other Creative Ways: This area is left open for the visions and ideas from our next generation that we will pass the torch of community service over to.  A fresh idea always has a place and time because we are always learning. Unity in Disasters understands that all the data and research from the last decade of events has not been completed yet. Our hope is that when this is completed, we will have a listening ear and an open door. 

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and thank all of our donors and partners. See our in-kind donations here