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Power outage map  for Texas

Texas                                                                           Status Update and Information Page

Unity In Disasters, Inc. has dedicated this page to TXVOAD members in the event of a EMAT level 1 or 2 disaster.  The purpose of this page is to exchange information and provide update, in addition to links to other related agencies for quick viewing of their information and news releases.  This page may or may not be available to the general public per request of the TXVOAD President; however, other agencies who are non-members will be provided access through TXVOAD (by permission only).  Unity in Disasters’ goal is to assist the community with ideas and solutions to help maximize the efforts and resources for all organizations. Normal channels of communications are encouraged, however this tool has its place as we all seek to improve overall effectiveness. Please contact TXVOAD President or Unity in Disasters with any questions pertaining to this page and its information. 

​Unity in Houston, Texas: Following the major flooding the first week of April 2016, we have provided over 1100 hot meals over a two week period, debris removal from over 400 homes and logged over 2500 volunteer hours. Unity has also distributed free cleaning supplies for over 400 families. Operating out of Cross Bridge Church as our first POD (Point of Distribution) of three and NACC being the lead agency, the community has been served through a collaboration of agencies. (5/1/16)