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North Carolina Status Update and Information Page

Unity In Disasters, Inc. has dedicated this page to North Carolina Communities.  The purpose of this page is to exchange information and provide updates, in addition to links to other related agencies for quick viewing of their information and news releases. Unity in Disasters’ goal is to assist the community with ideas and solutions to help maximize the efforts and resources for all organizations. Normal channels of communications are encouraged, however, this tool has its place as we all seek to improve overall effectiveness

Hurricane Matthew relief efforts in total since October 17, 2016 we have:

  • Served 3,995 families
  • Provided 2,000 hot meals
  • Received $43,420 of In-kind donations
  • Provided on mobile shower unit for volunteer group clean up ministry
  • Distributed over 240,000 lbs of food and supplies (not including Hostess 54 pallets)

Unity in North Carolina / In partnership we are operating and supporting 3 PODS (Points of Distribution) in Lumberton, NC. We accepted donation of 54 pallets of bread from Hostess for three shelters. Also 26 pallets of water and 26 pallets relief supplies such as undergarments, socks, fans, clean up supplies and blankets from Austin, Texas. These supplies are for the 3 PODS. On October 30, 2016 we received donation of 1,000 Meals form Nutritious Response, Inc for our partners operating mobile kitchen for the Lumberton, N.C. Finally we were given 100 t-shirts with our logo and name on them from National Association of Christian Churches.