Houston deals with deadly, historic flooding

The catastrophic flooding claimed the lives of seven people, flooded 1,000 homes and caused more than $5 billion in damage. There was 240 billion gallons of rainfall in the Houston area during this time. Nine counties were declared in state of disaster and over 1,200 water rescues were made. 

Unity in Houston, Texas:  Following the major flooding the first week of April, Unity in Houston has provided over 1100 hot meals over at two week period, provided debris removal from over 400 homes and logged over 2500 volunteer hours, and distributed free cleaning supplies for over 400 families. Operating out of Cross BridgeChurch as our first POD (point of distribution) of three and NACC being the lead agency, the community has been served through a collaboration of agencies.  We will update in 30-90 days on our repair and rebuilding efforts. (5/30/2016)


(26 PALLETS OF INSTALLATION) to Gordon County, Georgia

GEMA reported via Press Release at 5PM on 1/31/13:  
Gordon County: More than 250 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed. 
Bartow County:  More than 90 structures damaged.  Over a two-day period from January 29 to January 30, 962 tornado, hail, and strong wind reports were received by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). Of these, 83 were tornado-related reports.[28][29] The strongest of these tornadoes occurred on January 30 and affected areas of Bartow and Gordon Counties in Georgia. The high-end EF3 killed one person in Adairsville, ending a record 220 day streak without a tornado-related fatality in the United States, with the last death occurring due to an EF2 tornado associated with Tropical Storm Debby in Florida in June 2012.[30] The 65 confirmed tornadoes was the third most ever recorded to occur in January.[31] The outbreak was the largest January-tornado outbreak in Middle Tennessee, which confirmed 22 tornadoes.

Louisiana faces worst disaster in US since Hurricane Sandy

This record flooding and devastating disaster has claimed the lives of thirteen people across five parishes in Louisiana. There is expected to be more rainfall and flooding yet to come. The rapid rushing of waters in these parts is almost impossible to flee which has required a massive amount of emergency rescues. This was a very persistent storm that damaged over 60, 000 homes in Southeast La.

The Louisiana governor has declared a state of emergency due to this heartwrenching disaster with the worst flooding ever seen. The president has declared at least 20 parishes as disaster areas. (8/2016)

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Hurricane Isaac One year ago in late August 2012

Hurricane Isaac drenched the Gulf Coast as the slow-moving system generated powerful storm surges, flooding and widespread power outages. In a coincidence of timing, Isaac struck the Gulf Coast close to the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. As always, the American Red Cross mobilized to stand by Gulf Coast residents from Texas to Florida. With more than 5,300 workers responding to calls for assistance, the Red Cross launched a comprehensive relief effort. 

The aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, which affected over 150,000 people across four states, has lost its media attraction as well as its donations for recovery and relief. Due to rain totals in excess of over 20 inches in some areas within 21 counties and 17 parishes, having a presidential declared disaster, thousands are needing help to rebuild or renovate as well as relocate.

On September 17, 2012, an article was published by Bruce Nolan that reflected the lack of donations and reduced media coverage. He also included the widespread damage as well as the faith-based and governmental agencies local and federal as they addressed the unforeseen results of Hurricane Isaac. Coverage of the aftermath of this disaster focused longer as a weather event as opposed to a humanitarian outpour. Many people are not aware of the time it takes to rebuild so many communities and the cost involved. Donations to major relief agencies help with that process as they already have a database of volunteers for labor. The main expense for this relief effort for Hurricane Isaac will be building material for those uninsured or underinsured. As an estimate, lack of donations due to reduced national media coverage will make this recovery effort for over 30,000 people a very long process in excess of 18 months. In addition, over 8,000 individuals filed for unemployment which also provides a snapshot of the magnitude of the survivors’ financial hardship.

Unity In Disasters understands the difference between financial donations and in-kind gifts that meet the overall objective in recovery from major weather events. This is precisely why for the last 6 years we have chosen to request building materials and pre-position the supplies instead of a major financial donation campaigns. In addition, we maintain information via case management throughout the relief period for these affected areas so that in 90-day increments we will have a better understanding of what’s left to be done. Go to "contact us" page and do your part.

Tornado Causes damage to hundreds of homes in Alabama (February 6, 2012) CLAY, Alabama --- The Clay City Council tonight approved a resolution declaring a state of local emergency in response to the Jan. 23rd tornado. More than 700 homes were damaged by the storm. By approving the resolution, Mayor Ed McGuffie said, the city is able to have broader powers to direct relief efforts, assist recovery and accept assistance from other cities. The city is planning another large-scale cleanup Saturday and expects as many as 1,500 volunteers.

National Association of Christian Churches and Unity in Disasters partnership in a one stop community outreach after the 2009 Georgia Flooding. Dress Barn Clothing Store donations through United Way of Georgia and Operation Blessing trailer loaded with pampers and toiletries made it all possible. 

April 21, 2009
Two lines of super-cell thunderstorms producing large hail, heavy winds and at least nine tornadoes wreaked 
havoc across 25 Georgia counties Easter weekend (April 10-13) and launched Red Cross relief efforts statewide. The weather events claimed two lives in Fulton County and caused extensive damage when wind-blown trees fell
on cars and homes, and downed power lines, leaving 290,000 homes and businesses in the dark.
Twelve metro Atlanta families found the food, clothing and shelter they needed from local Red Cross 
volunteers. In surrounding counties, another 65 families with destroyed and heavily damaged homes sought
safety in Red Cross shelters or received meals, snacks, clean-up supplies and other recovery resources.   
Just one week later on April 20, another tornado touchdown in Cherokee County destroyed 12 more homes and damaged approximately 120 others. Once again, Red Cross volunteers canvassed the area, reaching out to our neighbors in need and providing food and snacks for families and emergency workers.

On January 28, 2014, Metro Atlanta, Georgia, became gridlocked shortly after all schools and most businesses decided to hit the highway at the same time. In addition, a few traffic accidents involving 18 wheelers created the perfect winter storm nightmare. Over 2,000 vehicles were left abandoned that same evening from running out of gas during 6-12 hr. commutes.  A great number of people spent up to 18 hours trying to get off the roads. 

Louisiana floods damage nearly 10,000 homes and counting

Over 10,000 homes in Louisiana were damaged by flooding after heavy rains throughout state, Emergency Preparedness. Officials assessing damage in southeast Louisiana. Response efforts to historic river flooding continue in many parts of the state, including in western St. Tammany Parish and Tangipahoa Parish.

On March 13, 2016 a Federal Disaster Declaration was declared for 7 Louisiana Parishes and was increased to 19 
additional Parishes as a result of major flooding. As of March 25, 2016 the American Red Cross reports over 3,000 homes
with major damage or destroyed in Louisiana. There is still a community with 2,000 residents where damage assessments are pending as the water recedes. (3/29/2016)

Alabama Tornados during Christmas

A Christmastime wave of severe weather continued Friday as a tornado touched down in Jefferson County, Alabama, including through the southwest portion of Birmingham, the state's largest city.

Witnesses spotted the funnel outside the city about 5 p.m. An hour later, the National Weather Service confirmed that first responders were on the scene along Jefferson Avenue in a working class neighborhood about eight miles from downtown Birmingham. (12/2012)    See all

Texas tornadoes, Southeast storms: 

In Garland and Rowlett, Texas, just outside of Dallas, at least 600 homes were damaged or destroyed by an EF-4 tornado on December 26. On early Sunday, the County Judge in Ellis County issued an update that said "the Ellis County Emergency Management Coordinator and Fire Marshal, Red Oak Fire Chief, and Red Oak Police Chief are coordinating operations across the County to assess the damage caused by this evening’s tornado and to ensure the safety of residents in the affected area." The statement added there have been no reported fatalities or major injuries. Early estimates show that about 40 homes were partially or totally destroyed, and that 2,300 are without power. (12/27/2016)

Disaster Assistance For Georgia Tops $4 Million 

Release Date: May 18, 2009
Release Number: 1833-032

» More Information on Georgia Severe Storms, Flooding, Tornadoes, and Straight-line Winds 

ATLANTA, Ga. -- With more than 1,100 individuals and households now registered for disaster assistance and more than $4 million in federal funding approved, recovery from the flooding and storms that hit Georgia earlier this spring is surging ahead.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced the numbers today. Officials noted that the lion's share of the approved funding ($3.3 million) is grants to individuals and households to help with disaster losses. In addition to grants, federal aid includes low-interest disaster loans 
from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for homeowners, renters and businesses of all sizes. SBA disaster loans are a primary source of assistance in federally declared disasters.

"The Individual Assistance grants and the SBA loans are really welcome," said GEMA Director Charley English. "They not only benefit the many families who are aided in recovery, but also our state's economy."

One Year Later, Recovery Continues After March's Devastating Georgia Tornadoes 

Local, state and federal partners coordinate efforts, assistance totals in the millions
Release Date: March 13, 2009
Release Number: 1750-023

ATLANTA, Ga. -- In March 2008, Georgia experienced a system of severe storms and tornadoes that left millions of dollars in damages throughout the state. From March 14 to March 16, a total of 45 tornadoes pushed through the south, 11 of them touching down in Georgia. 
One tornado shocked Atlantans by cutting a swath through downtown on March 14 just before 10 p.m. Over the next two days, more tornadoes would collide into communities in several other parts of the state. 
“We were prepared for the worst,” said Georgia Emergency Management Director Charley English. “I credit our emergency managers and first responders statewide for their quick actions in the aftermath. In fact, one of the reasons cited recently by the NCAA for returning the Final Four championship basketball tournament to the Georgia Dome in 2013 was the experience of the Georgia Dome staff and how well they functioned with local and state first responders to the tornado. We also appreciate FEMA for its prompt response to our request for help in the recovery effort.”       See all