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Request for Advisory Board Members

Who We  Are - Unity in Disasters, Inc. is a non profit organization created to serve as communication liaison during a crisis. The purpose of this organization is to help foster communications between those in need and the services that can meet those needs. During times of crisis, confusion and chaos often occur. In addition to information outreach and communication to the public, Unity in Disasters, Inc. also strives to keep all organizations that can or are helping, working together to remain effective. The outreach program can also assist by noting the needs of the community and working to fill that need by propositioning specialized organizations or other community leaders, as well as reaching out to neighboring counties that may be willing or able to help.


Why We’re Here - On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast of the United States. Local, state, and federal officials as well as those in the private sector were unprepared to deal with the storm’s aftermath. To both victims and observers, it was clear that no plan of action existed to effectively address the immediate needs of disaster victims who had been unable to evacuate the affected areas. The situation left no doubt that responding to future disasters successfully would require a new found commitment, focus, and coordination from the community, local of government and private business.


What We Do -Recognizing this need for a new approach in emergency response, Unity in Disasters, Inc. has committed to ensuring that a coordinated and focused plan is created and carried out to meet needs with a series of short and long term goals. These goals include city and county collaborations, spiritual guidance and assistance, transitioning to permanent residence, etc.


Who We Need -  With assistance from respected sources such as Stockton & Kilpatrick Law Firm, we have been able to get started with our goals.  Right now, we are in need of people with management or business experience, as well as fundraising or grant writing experience to join our advisory committee. 


What We Need - Just like many non-profit organizations, Unity in Disasters, Inc. relies upon the generosity of others to remain effective and to accomplish its goals. While monetary donations are always welcome, this organization can also benefit from volunteer services by the right people. Volunteer board members will be asked to attend at least 2 of the 4 board meetings per year, as well as 4 hours per quarter on organization tasks. Advisory committee members will have the opportunity to review ideas periodically and suggest avenues to achieve goals. 

How to Help - If you’d like to increase your involvement with the community around you or think your experience may be helpful to our relief effort, please contact us! While we do have specific needs, we can always use capable people and creative ideas. 

 Unity in Disasters, Inc 

Joe Gilliom 
Atlanta, Georgia 30350
(770) 572-7124