Unity in Garland, Tx: On December 28, 2015 World Vision dispatched truckloads of relief supplies from its North Dallas warehouse, which included hygiene kits, family food packs, blankets, heaters, and clothing that will be distributed through local partner churches and organizations. Areas targeted for World Vision’s relief response are Garland, Texas; northern Mississippi; and southwest Georgia. In Garland and Rowlett, Texas, just outside of Dallas, at least 600 homes were damaged or destroyed by an EF-4 tornado. 

Unity in Disasters provided 26 pallets of home installation specifically for the 600 homes in Texas. (1/15/2016)

Past and Present Efforts

Unity in Mississippi: ​donated tractor trailer truck load 14 Pallets of roof shingles to Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Severe Weather - Tornado Outbreak - Hattiesburg Ms Feburary 10, 2013
Over 570 homes destroyed or sustained major damage.
Three shelters remain open for affected residents:

  • Forrest County Community 361 Shelter on U.S. 49 South in Hattiesburg.
  • Petal Civic Center at 712 South Main Street in Petal.
  • Lamar County Multipurpose Center at 99 Central Industrial Rd. in Purvis. Residents of storm-affected areas that have immediate needs can call 2-1-1 and register (alternate number: 866-472-8265). Representatives with 2-1-1 will call when their needs can be met.

People interested in volunteering to assist with the clean-up are encouraged to sign up with the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service at www.volunteermississippi.org or by calling 1-888-353-1793.  (2/12/13)

Unity in Louisiana: (30 day update since August 19, 2016) We have helped with food and supplies for over 934 families at the five POD's (Point of Distribution) we set up in four Louisiana Parishes, distributed over 300,000 lbs of donated food to the five PODs, 150, 000 lbs of food donated to the Unity in Louisiana Coalition, two hot meal locations helping provide over 2,400 meals. There was a donation pledged to us on September 17, 2016 with seven truck loads (280, 000 lbs/156 pallets) of food for our hot meals initiative to be delivered to us on October 22, 2016. Providing tractor trailer of supplies such as diapers, hygiene kits, platex gloves, water and food boxes. Unity lead an agency for free air trans to neighboring states by private plane for families affected. We provided over 800 clean up buckets and one mobile feeding kitchen since Superstorm Sandy and it anticipated to be a cost of nearly $30 million. This flooding has claimed the lives of at least thirteen victims across five parishes with more than 31 inches of rainfall. There are over 7, 000 people desperately in need of our help.  (10/31/16)

Unity in North Carolina / In partnership we are operating and supporting 3 PODS (Points of Distribution) in Lumberton, NC. We accepted donation of 54 pallets of bread from Hostess for three shelters. Also 26 pallets of water and 26 pallets relief supplies such as undergarments, socks, fans, clean up supplies and blankets from Austin, Texas. These supplies are for the 3 PODS. On October 30, 2016 we received donation of 1,000 Meals form Nutritious Response, Inc for our partners operating mobile kitchen for the Lumberton, N.C. Finally we were given 100 t-shirts with our logo and name on them from National Association of Christian Churches.

Hurricane Matthew relief efforts in total since October 17, 2016 we have:

> Served 3,995 families

> Provided 2,000 hot meals
> Received $61,100 of In-kind donations
> Provided on mobile shower unit for volunteer group clean up ministry
> Distributed over 240,000 lbs of food and supplies (not including Hostess 54 pallets)

GEMA reported via Press Release at 5PM on 1/31/13:  
Gordon County: More than 250 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed. 
Bartow County:  More than 90 structures damaged. 
Over a two-day period from January 29 to January 30, 962 tornado, hail, and strong wind reports were received by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). Of these, 83 were tornado-related reports.[28][29] The strongest of these tornadoes occurred on January 30 and affected areas of Bartow and Gordon Counties in Georgia. The high-end EF3 killed one person in Adairsville, ending a record 220 day streak without a tornado-related fatality in the United States, with the last death occurring due to an EF2 tornado associated with Tropical Storm Debby in Florida in June 2012.[30] The 65 confirmed tornadoes was the third most ever recorded to occur in January.[31] The outbreak was the largest January-tornado outbreak in Middle Tennessee, which confirmed 22 tornadoes.

UNITY IN DISASTERS DONATED truck load (26 PALLETS OF INSTALLATION) to Gordon County, Georgia (2/17/13)

​​UNITY IN DISASTERS, INC.                                                                       

Unity in Houston, Texas: Following the major flooding the first week of April 2016, we have provided over 1100 hot meals over a two week period, debris removal from over 400 homes and logged over 2500 volunteer hours. Unity has also distributed free cleaning supplies for over 400 families. Operating out of Cross Bridge Church as our first POD (Point of Distribution) of three and NACC being the lead agency, the community has been served through a collaboration of agencies. (5/1/16)​

​Unity in Houston, Texas: From August 29 - September 30 through our donors and partners we have accepted and distributed: over 25 truck loads (398 pallets) of food and relief supplies which includes 931,500 pounds of food/supplies and 11,000 pounds of precooked chicken, served over 200 churches and community points of distribution in the Houston area, and served an estimated 43,300 people within the past 30 days. Even though most were given for Harvey relief in the Houston area, 7,000 pounds of chicken went to Jacksonville Florida and 90,000 pounds of relief supplies are for Puerto Rico relief. We have placed photos on the Texas page of our website. (9/29/17)